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Test and Tag

Test and Tag Services

Test and Tag is the method of ensuring that your electrical equipment is safe for you and your staff to use.

This process must be provided by a competent Licensed person and involves testing each appliance and power cord to ensure that they are not going to provide an electrical hazard.

The process does not take very long and must be repeated on every device usually every 12 months.

Even though it is not a legal requirement that every device is tested and tagged an employer can be held liable if someone is electrocuted  because the company have not done all that is “Reasonably Practicable” and the owner of the business could be held responsible and face jail.

With new Safework Laws coming this is a basic requirement to commencing the process of providing a safe working environment.

Autotech Computing is fully licensed and insured to provide you with a very economical test and Teg Service.
We have many years of experience dealing with all types of equipment and we understand what is involved in providing electrical safety.

We can provide this service on computers and all other 240v appliances as well as 3 Phase equipment.

We come to you and perform this service and then record the results and the we will inform you when the equipment need to be retested. Once this is done you responsibility for this function is completed. Any new equipment that you purchase can be tested and tagged at anytime and added to the regular test schedule.

Let Autotech Computing solve your electrical safety issues.

We provide both SINGLE PHASE AND 3 PHASE Test and Tag services

We maintain low business overheads so that you benefit with lower prices without compromising the quality of our service.

We also provide additional discounts to qualifying charities and not for profit organizations, call us for details.

Test and Tag Services

Test and Tag Services