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Tech Support


Autotech Computing provide the following levels of Tech Support

  • Remote access to resolve a problem quickly

This is where we log into your computer in a very secure way that gives you control as to who access you computer.
We fix to computer while you watch and this way not only are you able to watch and learn from the exercise but you know exactly what we are doing to your previous data whist we talk to you on the phone.

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  • On-Site Support – when required

In this case we will come to you based on an hourly rate and we will work on the problem on your site.
This is useful for those difficult problems or where the internet is not available.

  • Network and Device Support

Networks are complicated things and need specialist support when they are not working properly.
Autotech Computing can provide high level of support including cabling issues and net work analysis.
We can fix problems and speed up slow networks.

  • Backup Services

You data is the key to you business so you need to protect it. Autotech Computing can provide expertise to protect you data when things go very wrong.
We can establish backup systems to protect you from the worst. Let us tailor a backup system to your particular needs. This will save you money and provide maximum protection.

  • Disaster Recovery

Have you ever thought about what happens to you business when disaster hits.? What happens if you had a fire in you office?
Yes you would loose the furniture and stock but what really matter is the loss of you information.
Who are you customer? how will you be able to continue to do business with them?

At Autotech Computing we can establish disaster recovery strategies that will protect you form the worst and ensure that you cab get back to doing business ass quickly as possible should the worst happen.

  • Training

Having well trained staff is very important to you business. Autotech Computing can provide tailor made training courses to get you staff running as efficiently as possible. We build each course to cover the topics that your business needs. Give us a call today and we can discuss you requirements.

  • Application Training

I addition to specific training we also have standard courses on Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Outlook and many more.
we can train small number of student as well as larger groups.

In today’s business environment it is not enough to have a computer system and expect it to work.

When the computer stops so does your business.

In house technical support is expensive so the solution is full technical Support from people who have been doing this type of support for many years.

Our Support is provided in Melbourne and if fast and efficient.

We will assist you to keep your business working at all times.

You can then do what you do best and leave us to look after the rest

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