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OHS Services

OHS Services

OHS Services

It a legal requirement that all employers provide a safe working environment for all staff.

It is also a legal requirement that a business employ someone to advise on Workplace Safety. This does not mean that a company must employ an new staff member just for OHS as there are competent advisors who can assist you and fulfil your legal requirements.

OHS does not need to be an expensive and difficult process, it does need to be done right. Autotech Computing can advise on your OHS responsibilities and ensure that you and your employees are adequately protected and working in a safe environment.

Autotech Computing are qualified OHS Advisors and we can assist with this area of you business.

Autotech Computing specialize in OHS based on the IT industry, however, we are competent in all areas of OHS.

We will come and meet with you and your staff and then do an audit of your business to determine that major hazards that are putting your staff and business at risk.

Following the initial step we will work with you and you staff to establish processes and procedures to create safe working environment for everyone. Due to our low business overheads our rates are low but our service is professional and confidential.