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Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

All work, services and products supplied by Autotech Copmputing Pty Ltd are subject to the following Terms and Conditions and as such these shall be considered part of any contract sign by Autotech Computing Pty Ltd. 


Test and Tag Services

Test and Tag service are performed on the equipment tested an all efforts are used to ensure that testing is done to the appropriate standard. However, the responsibility for the continued suitability of the tested equipment reverts to the owner immediately it is returned to the owner. Autotech Computing Pty Ltd takes not responsibility for any damage, misuse or failure of tested equipment after it has been returned to the customer. It is the owners responsibility to ensure the equipment is maintained in a safe and working condition. Autotech Computing Pty will not repair equipment that fails the Test and Tag test and will return faulty equipment to the owner for repair or replacement as owner see fit by a suitably qualified person. Failed equipment must no be put back into service until repaired until satisfactorily retested.

Consulting Services

Consulting Services provided by Autotech Computing Pty Ltd are done so based on the information supplied and from that information certain conclusions are drawn. These conclusions are provided on the basis that all of the information required to form that opinion is provided and correct. The information is provided with the utmost care but ultimately it is at the sole descretion of the customer as to whether or not this information is valid or not. Autotech Computing offer this information in good faith but will not be liable for any errors or ommissions from such information and does not accept responsibility for any losses or damages from the use or the conlusions provided.



Autotech Computing Pty. Ltd. we will arrange for pick up and delivery if required at standard commercial rates. Courier Fees are paid by the customer.

Payment Terms

Payment Terms are Strictly COD unless previous arrangements are made in writing. COD means that monies must be paid before goods are dispatched from Autotech warehouse. Any late payments may mean that credit is withdrawn and supply of goods and/or services is withheld. In the event of late payment it is a condition of sale that an account fee equal to 3.0% per month or part thereof shall be payable to late accounts. Please Note: We do not accept any other payment terms and all invoices must be paid within the terms of the invoice.

Statements are not issued and amounts due should be paid on Invoice.

For long term projects we reserve the right to invoice on a weekly or monthly basis for work performed and payment terms will be strictly thirty days. Should payment not be made at this time we reserve the right to cease work until such payment is received. This arrangement is for approved resellers only. Any credit terms shall be based on the date of the invoice only and no other interpretation of due date will be accepted.

Ownership of Property

Ownership of Goods and Services does not pass to Customer until all monies are received in full. Autotech Computing Pty. Ltd. reserves the right to remove goods from reseller or End user premises if outstanding accounts are not paid.


If the order for equipment, software and services is cancelled between then time the order is signed and the goods are delivered then the resellers agrees to pay a sum equal to 50% of the total value of the order. Once the goods are delivered then the order cannot be cancelled.


We accept work on the express understanding that the copyright of the material is controlled by the person requesting the work. We do not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any breach of copyright in the material that we work with. All work is accepted on the understanding that the customer has made all necessary arrangements to protect the rightful owner of the material from any misuse of the material. All work generated by Autotech Computing Ptd Ltd remains the Copyright of Autotech Computing Pty Ltd and can only be used with written approval. All Rights reserved.

Taxes & Fees

GST Tax will be charged, where applicable, unless exemption is claimed by the customer on the original written order.

All other taxes and fees shall be paid as required and when due.


Once the good and/or services leave the offices of Autotech Computing Pty. Ltd. the customer or reseller are responsible for insurance of the goods and services. Autotech Computing Pty. Ltd. takes no responsibility for any loss or damage once the goods and services have left its office. If such loss or damage occurs the reseller is must pay all monies for the goods and services provided in this agreement regardless of any insurance claims that may or may not be applicable. All monies shall be paid as per the payment terms.


All products and services are subject to license and copyright agreements and as such may not be sold, leased, rented or given away without the permission of the company or individual holding the license or copyright.


The customer, end-user or reseller are responsible for any losses, damages, penalties, claims, suits and actions (collectively “Claims”), whether based on doctrine of our strict liability or otherwise caused by or related to:

(1) the manufacture, installation, ownership, use, lease, possession, purchase, or delivery to Autotech Computing Pty. Ltd. of the equipment or service; or (2) any defects in the equipment. You agree to reimburse us for and if we request, to defend us against, any Claims.

Trade Practices

Where applicable law, such as the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth), prohibits or renders void any exclusion, restriction or modification of the conditions and warranties implied by law, but permits us to limit our liability for breach of any such warranty or condition, then our liability for such breach (including any consequential loss which the customer or reseller may sustain or incur) shall be limited to the higher of the minimum permitted by law and the following as we may decide; in the case of the Equipment or Software:

  1. replacement of the Equipment or Software.
  2. the supply of equivalent goods;
  3. payment of the cost of replacing the Equipment or Software;
  4. payment of the cost of equivalent good or software;
  5. the repair of such Equipment; or
  6. payment of the costs of having such Equipment repaired, and in the case of services supplied hereunder;
  7. the supplying of such services again; or
  8. the payment of the costs of having such services supplied.

Applicable Laws

All disputes and rulings applicable to this agreement shall be governed by the law of the State of Victoria, Australia.

Equipment Location

The equipment, software, good and services are supplied under international agreements that prohibit these items for being removed from the mainland of Australia. The items must not be removed to another country without written notification to Autotech Computing Pty. Ltd.



The Products sold hereunder shall be provided with warranties  from the respective manufacturer and these warranties shall be honoured as per the terms of the manufactures warranties. These warranties shall begin from the delivery date of the Product to the end-user or reseller provided that the end-user or reseller shall notify Autotech Computing Pty. Ltd. of the serial number of the Product and the date of delivery, or: the date of installation as indicated by the end-user in a signed warranty card returned to Autotech Computing Pty. Ltd. This warranty agreement is valid only if the warranty card is returned to Autotech Computing Pty. Ltd. within 30 days of purchase. If the reseller or end-user notifies Autotech Computing Pty. Ltd. of the defect within the warranty period, Autotech Computing Pty. Ltd. shall at its sole option either: (1) repair the defective Product; (2) replace the defective Product, or; (3) refund the price paid for such Product.  The warranty is on the basis of return to depot.  The customer shall bear the transportation costs to ship the Product to a designated repair facility.

Any on-site warranty is valid only if the installation is performed by an authorized reseller and shall only be available if a separate maintenance contract is in place or the customer provides a written purchase order for the on-site time to be charged at the then current hourly rate. Any repairs, problems or alterations not specifically covered by the warranty shall be charged at the then current hourly rate.

If Autotech Computing Pty. Ltd. determines that the Product is not defective within the terms of the warranty, the customer shall pay Autotech Computing Pty. Ltd. a minimal inspection fee at Autotech Computing Pty Ltd’s then prevailing rates and the customer will then be responsible for return transportation costs.  This limited warranty is contingent upon proper use and proper installation of the Product and does not cover Products which have been modified or which have been subjected to unusual physical or electrical stress.

The above are the only warranties of any kind that are made by Autotech Computing Pty. Ltd, either express or implied, and Autotech Computing Pty. Ltd. expressly disclaims all other warranties including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.  No oral or written information or advice given by Autotech Computing Pty Ltd, its dealers, distributors, agents, or employees shall create a warranty or in any way increase the scope of this warranty, and you may not rely on any such information or advice. Some states do not allow the exclusion of implied warranties so the preceding exclusion may not apply to you.

*  The on-site warranty is valid only in the continental Australia.